Brandon & Caroline

November 2, 2016

One of my all-time favorite sessions

Brandon and Caroline…there’s just something about you two. I love the way you look at one another, how comfortable you are lovin’ up on each other and how at ease you made ME feel…like an old friend. I really enjoyed our time spent together and our conversations. I’m so lucky to have met you guys and we cannot wait for your big day! Caroline, you are so beautiful inside and out.

Clearly, you are too kind…by the card you gave me at the end of our session and your sweet attitude. Brandon, you’d help anyone in need :::cough::: like me at the end of our session. Which truly makes you two the perfect pair. Thank you for choosing me as a friend AND photographer. I hope to spend more time with you both in 2017 and beyond. Enjoy my many many many favorites from one of my all time favorite sessions. And that my friends, is saying a lot!

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