Doug & Kathleen | Mendenhall Inn Wedding

March 8, 2019


To Doug and Kathleen: thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for inviting me to another beautiful Sinclair wedding day. It was truly an honor to be among all of you yet again celebrating like family together. And to Joyce, Jill, Sarah and Kerri…you’ll never know how sweet it is for me to see all of you with your precious growing families. The best is yet to come for all of you.

This stunning Mendenhall Inn wedding was over the top classy and dreamy. I started my day photographing all of Kathleen’s well thought out wedding day details. I just loved how she incorporated the tiny butterflies throughout her day. To me, her “getting ready” photos reminded me of what it must have been like to have grown up with so many sisters! There was laughter, a little chaos and lots of “ooo’s and ahhh’s”. Kathleen looked simply beautiful and we all couldn’t stop staring. Dad was wowed when he first saw her in her gown. I just couldn’t wait to see Doug’s reaction at the end of the alter and it didn’t disappoint. Doug is such a warm and kind soul. Derek and I immediately felt welcomed among him and his groomsmen. The catholic ceremony was held at the very church that her parents were married at so many years ago. Her parents had 8 children, so the pews were filled with adorable nieces and nephews. The reception was a party to remember (as all of the Sinclair children’s weddings are!). So many memories made. I just love the vast ballroom dance floor photos and everyone’s sweet dance moves. Mendenhall Inn did an incredible job pulling off this event. So thankful for this family. Enjoy my favorites from the day!

  1. Doug scott sr says:

    Just beautiful all pictures such two beautiful people love you both.

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